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Barbequeue chez des amis

 | 30/08/2011 18:42

Table setting

 | 28/08/2011 21:22

The table cloth gift from Anne made the refined dinning for friends invitation. Merci Anne!
I am already planning the next coordination with the one from Marianne…

Dans le métro

 | 24/08/2011 12:52

Singapore diary

 | 14/08/2011 19:49

We went to CASINO!

picture is strictly forbidden in Casino , no image.

however we saw beautiful twilight sky from Marina Bay Sands


Singapore national day – August 9th-

we had a party at the friend’s condo which places on the 41st floor.

Great view!

dress code was « red&white » we went as Mr.& Mrs. Angry birds

This night I talked with people from Singapore, Indonesia,Thailand,Ireland,UK,USA,Australia,France,Japan and South Africa…

VIVA Singapore!


Dinner at Singapore legendary hotel « Raffles hotel »

all view are very photogenic inside hotel

The old british colonial age clock at the lobby, made around 1840.

Every morning the hotel concierge winds the clock.

Luckily we heard the boom of the clock, sounds nostalgically solemn but warmly.

Very cute chair to put the lady’s handbag♡ lovely idea

was the full-moon day, very scenery view from the arcade.

After all,

For Jerome, the most luxurious  & best moment  … go in his bed…zzzz


 | 08/08/2011 16:35

La maison de Grambois…

 | 07/08/2011 11:03

…. dessinée par Alexis

Ballet 2011

 | 06/08/2011 19:36

Première représentation de ballet depuis notre déménagement à Singapour. Juliette a intégré une bonne classe, elle est très sérieuse et fait des progrès visibles!


 | 14:07

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